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Hi Folks

My mum was finally referred to hospital 2 weeks ago and after scans,Biopsy,  etc it was discovered she has Kidney cancer that has spread to brain and Lungs.

As I live in Norway now I am looking to help my parents as much as possible with the day to day stuff as I cannot be there emotionally day to day .

What I was wondering is the specialists met last Wednesday to discuss her case to see what options are available, if any but we have not heard anything back yet. How long is the norm between diagnosis to plan to treatment as I have read online it can take up to 2 months which I am astounded at.

She is currently on steroids to help with the swelling of the tumor in the brain but apart from that we have heard nothing

Thanks in advance for any info

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    Hello.I was diagnosed with breast cancer spread to the lungs end of May I didn't start treatment until first week of August.I wasn't happy.Their answer was they were doing some tests.I was getting worse and worse for my lungs.So yes it can take so long.Then they wanted to put me on the trial which would have require more delayed so I refused.I was very dissapointed that they leave people to wait so long for treatment.

    You try to keep pushing them.

    Good luck

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    Hi Jan

    Sorry to hear about the delay in your treatment and also the lack of communication, a quick email to explain that they are still discussing possible treatments, etc would go a long way rather than the silence.

    We will keep pushing and best of luck to you as well