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I still find it sad that blogs and stories are just one or two messages and then they stop. It’d be nice to know how people have gotten on or how they feel/cope. I understand people can think it’s pointless but it can help to vent and remember your journey as well as being help others greatly I think; to see there can be hope and that possibly questions they’ve not thought of maybe in the scriptures of those who’ve written they’re journey

 Anyway I hope everyone is feeling as well can and having nice day. I’m lucky, Sunday dinner is being made for me Hugging

  • My wife is still here. 16 months in glioblastoma methylated stable scans right now Thumbsup. All going OK, it's just the constant uncertainty and cognitive issues. Appreciate we're very lucky (within the subset of having brain cancer!) to be carrying on and having good times with our children. Easter holidays will be special. Good luck to you and hope you're getting on OK

  • I'm still here! Just had a look, with my neurologist (lovely lady), at my latest MRI scan and it shows no change from the last one Slight smile. The blighter is still there but not doing anything.

    I feel like we should be saying: "No, I'm Spartacus!"