PCV treatment for my cancer

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Hi folks. Not been here awhile,but right now I am looking for a bit of help and advice. I have grade 4 Glioblastoma. Terminal. My treatment,as you all know is just to try and keep the tumour at bay. My original radio/ chemo treatment hasn’t worked. Therefore I am now on PCV chemotherapy. When taking the Procarbazine there is certain food I cannot eat. There is no real information as to whether or not I can eat the improper food AFTER my treatment has ended! 

my question is; My PCV is now finished . Does anyone know if I can eat the listed food ,or have a glass of wine when I am inbetween my PCV treatment? I don’t want to eat excessively,but it would be nice to eat Stilton cheese or ripe tomatoes from my greenhouse! 

I cannot get information from anyone in the health care system by the way. Thanks in advance.