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I'm 56 and from a routine screening had to have a colostomy. Three polyps removed, two benign and one had cancer cells. There was . 0.5mm margin of error, so firstly my surgeon did a flexisigmoy to determine where the polyp was, which was very low and to check on the scar. Scar healed very well.

Another meeting has happened, they still haven't staged me and it just seems to me that my surgeon wants to remove the colon and I would have to have a permanent stoma. We then put forward about Papillon treatment and they don't think it's worth as there is nothing there, yet he is worried there still might be some cells left in the wall.

The other option is to just be monitored.  I came out in such a state the other day not knowing what is best and feeling like I can't cope.

Has anyone had the same sort of scenario as myself as very confused and worried. Would love to know what other people would do.

I just keep thinking ill have it removed, but my daughter and husband think that is very drastic to start with.

Head all over the place  x

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    I can totally understand when you have to make such a decision you might feel overwhelmed given the consequences and really without the correct medical degree how could you possibly know .

    This is where second opinions can be very helpful to hear what another clinician might advise as it’s often down to judgement calls . You don’t sound as though you have enough information to make your choice just now and there is no harm taking time to get all the information together .

    Our helpline staff would also be happy to chat on 

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  • Thanks Court.  Think I will be calling.