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Hi Guys

Not my first time on this site unfortunately but it is my first time in this group! I wanted to come here to speak to others who have had a similar experience, because it is quite literally shit! 

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer back in May and had a successful operation that removed the whole tumour. But to go back a little, I was having symptoms and got a high FIT test but when I had my colonoscopy the symptoms had eased a bit and I thought it would be something simple. The Dr said there and then that it was a high chance that it was 'c', I'll admit I was in total shock. It was 2 weeks away from my 41st birthday and I I was also going through a course of chemotherapy for one of my eyes. Even when I'm writing this I'm really upset. I'm very grateful to every single person who helped me through my time in hospital, but I found it so difficult after the operation. I'm still awaiting test results to find out if it was genetic, but I'm thankful I do not have children because I would hate to pass that on! 

Thanks for reading 

Amy x

  • Hi  and a warm welcome to the bowel page. Yes the diagnosis after a colonoscopy does come as a shock but it sounds like the operation has been a success. Are you needing any follow up treatment or was the histology report clear?

    How are you feeling now post op? They usually say about 6 weeks recovery so hopefully you’re starting to get about a bit now.

    Id never heard of cancer of the eye and it must have been such a shock to have the bowel diagnosis while you were still going through your eye chemo

    Glad you’ve joined us here and please keep us posted on your recovery

    Take care

    Karen x

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