Positive Fit Test- Score 100- Worried!

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Hi all, 

I'm new here. I am currently waiting on my 2WW referral and I am really worried. 

Basically I've had symptoms of bowel cancer for 2 years now and just didn't realise it! 

I had a blood test done because my skin is awful, I'm fatigued and generally don't feel good within myself and in light of potential heart problems the Dr did a full blood count and lots of other tests, which came back that I'm very anaemic. 

After 6 days of taking iron tablets I noticed my stools were pitch black and looser. I brought this up at my recent Dr appointment and he ordered me to do a fit test. I agreed and was convinced it would come back fine and it would just be the iron. But like I say I didn't realise I had symptoms already at this point. 

So fast forward a few days and it's come back positive at a score of 100. I've been referred on the 2WW for suspected cancer. 

Naturally, I researched the symptoms only to realise I've been having symptoms for 2 years. Blood in stools a few times also frequently have mucous when I wipe, one occasion with a small blood clot, toilet filled with bright red blood sometimes or when I wipe there's bright red blood. Stools are small ISH and hard. Pain when passing stools, when I'm on my period I have severe rectal pain, I frequently feel like I haven't gotten it all out or that I need to go but can't. I would say I'm constipated most of the time but I never push too hard. When I'm not the movements are loose. Only had diarrhea twice in these two years though! I have abdominal pain frequently but more so when having a movement. Bloated constantly. Don't have IBS symptoms really so don't think it's that.

I am really worried and my gut feeling is telling me it's cancer (even when I was actually borderline for skin cancer I never felt like this). I really hope my gut feeling is wrong! Dr said there's a 1 in 4 chance I have it and with me being so anaemic they are concerned. 

The only thing I keep telling myself to try and reassure myself is it's the lower side of the threshold so surely that is a good thing. But then I worry is it only low because I could barely get any stool on the stick

I'm such an over thinker

Please can people respond advising what their result was and what their fit score was (good and bad outcomes please I don't want to be moddycoddled!) 

  • Hi Alisha3234,

    It is natural to worry but try and deal in facts (and I don’t mean Dr. Google). Think of it like this: your doctor thinks there is 75% chance it is something else (and lots of other illnesses present with similar symptoms). When I did my FIT test the threshold for further action was 80 so, if that hasn’t changed, you are just over the threshold. My FIT test result just said >200, so I never knew my exact result. I also never had any of the classic symptoms of bowel cancer. My profile will give you more information about my cancer journey.

    I suspect the next step will be a colonoscopy. With good bowel prep on your part that should enable the colorectal surgeon to give you a definitive diagnosis.

    Hoping it is the best possible news.

    All the best.

    Maninbath (Tom)

  • Hi Tom, 

    Thank you for your response! 

    Oh yes I am definitely not a Dr Google person too much doom and gloom but I have researched the signs and symptoms and some statistics just to understand things better. I thought my symptoms were due to potential endometriosis which I have exploratory surgery for in September, but now I'm realising it is likely something more whether that's something not as bad as where my mind is going or not I don't know. I just hope it's nothing too bad but I just feel so uneasy. Through out all my health issues and diagnosises I've never felt this kind of sense of doom. I really hope I'm wrong. Like you say it is the low side of the threshold but there's still that chance so I don't want to think too unrealistically in either direction 

    Yes will be a colonoscopy (I actually refused one in 2020 too as I didn't feel like I had any bowel issues at that time and my old Dr refused to believe I had menstrual problems, so I also feel a bit stupid now as only two years later I started with symptoms!) 

  • Hi Alisha 

    I’ve just joined too

    It seems we’re both at the same point in time x

    I have the same symptoms but had bowel problems all my life. 

    Currently increased blood, mucus, with the usual constipation, hard black stools, nausea, but increased pain in my  lower right abdomen, extrema bloating, another spate of never feeling empty. 

    I’ve been to various GPs over the years with mentions of small amounts of blood, constant constipation, only emptying bowels about every 7 days and every time been told it’s probably due to straining and been given different fibre mixes, fybogel, cosmocol, laxido etc…..

    I did FiT test last year and it came back as fine. But I realise negative results are less accurate. 

    As the abdominal pain and other symptoms became more persistent and worse I revisited the GP, and saw a nurse as an urgent ‘squeezed in’ appointment on Monday 17th June. No GPs available. But we sent off bloods and another poo sample on that day. The nurse called me on Thursday 20th to say the bloods were fine, but the FiT test had come back at 144 so I’d been referred. 

    She actually said it WAS definitely cancer. Hence I guess why she sent me this link to MacMillan.
    Obviously I was stunned . We were going on our first holiday abroad for 7 years the following morning. 
    Only a few hours later, I received a call from the hospital but had to explain I was away for a week. My great timing hey. 

    Needless to say it played on our minds, but gave us a lot of time to discuss and try and absorb the news: in the sun at least. 

    Anyway. The hospital called me on Monday (1st July). They were horrified about what the nurse had said. 
    They said it does NOT mean that 144 score is definitely proof of cancer. It indicates it could be, but there are many other reasons for it.

    I know it’s worrying, but you’re not alone. Just see what happens hunni. 

    I have a CAT scan later this evening

    I’m booked in for a colonoscopy and gastroscopy on Monday evening. 

    And to everyone here who has had their diagnosis: sending you all love and total respect x

  • Hi  and a warm welcome to the board. Yes a raised FIT test reading means that there has been blood detected in the sample. Only 1 in 10 colonoscopies results in a bowel cancer diagnosis. There are other conditions that can cause similar symptins such as ibs, colitis, diverticulitis, piles etc. The important things is that you’re getting checked out.

    Please let us know how you get on?

    Take care

    Karen x

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm
  • Hello Alisha3234

    I found the early pre diagnosis the hardest part.

    My head was all over place.

    Flight, Fright or Freeze

    It’s very frightening however bowel cancer is very treatable.
    The FIT test proved great for me however my husband had positive tests and lots of investigations and no cancer. IBS then diverticulitis 

    The black hard stool could be from the iron tablets which can also cause constipation 

    Hopefully you will have a colonoscopy which will check for polyps   

    im sending you a hug. 


  • Hi Karen,

    Thank you for your response! 

    My Dr thankfully has said it could be cancer but it might not be. I had a phone call with the specialist today and feel like she's not asked enough questions but she believes it's probably not cancer but is going to book me in for a colonoscopy to be sure. The only problem is I feel such a doom feeling and im not going to be able to have it done for at least two weeks as I am on iron tablets for my anaemia and have to be off them for a week before I have it done and I go on holiday myself on the 13th so needless to say I cried my eyes out after that phone call! I'm so worried like I know it might not be cancer but there's just something inside of me saying it is but I could be wrong as when I had my borderline skin cancer diagnosis I definitely didn't think it was cancer then!  

    I have my fingers and toes crossed for us both! Please keep me updated on your progress!

  • Thank you for your response! 

    I really hope it is something else! I've only been on iron tablets 3 weeks and my problems I have pin pointed started 2 years ago. Hopefully it's just my diet or a less serious issue! Unfortunately my colonoscopy won't be for at least a couple of weeks as I need to come off my iron tablets 7 days before it and I go on holiday for a week on the 13th so looks like I'm just going to have to suck it up for a little while

  • Try and enjoy your holiday x and we’ll catch up then xx sending love x

  • Thank you so much Karen. I really appreciate your response x. I guess I’ll know more after Monday . X

  • Next question for all- I was advised when I get my colonoscopy I can have sedation or gas and air and I am unsure which option to go for

    I have had previous abdominal surgery to remove a dermoid tumour and simple cyst off my ovaries so worried this could cause additional pain and I do get quite a bit of pain inside my bum hole (tmi?). I want to be aware preferably but I also don't want to be too uncomfortable and have it affect the procedure. I want the procedure to go as smoothly as it can to give them the best chance of being able to see everything going on in there