Health anxiety and positive FIT test

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Hi all, I have been having flare ups of bloating, really bad abdo pain and cramps and change in bowel movements since May. They will last 3 days and then go away for a few weeks. Went to the GP and he said he wasn’t sure what it was. I suffer from agoraphobia and health anxiety so after consulting Dr Google (do not recommend) I ordered a home fit test which came back positive. The panic of seeing this brought on another flare up. 

I contacted my GP as advised who gave me an appt for the 1/7 by then my symptoms have gone. She has since referred me for more tests and to do another FIT test through the NHS, since leaving this appt, my anxiety has been through the roof leaving me unable to eat, sleep and has brought on another flare up. 

apologies if this is not the right place to post by I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar? 

  • Hi  Yes please stay away from google! A positive fit test means that blood has been detected in the stool however this can be caused by several things like ibs, colitis, diverticulitis, piles etc. As you’ve discovered the more worried you become then the more your tummy and bowels react and you worry even more then. 
    Ita good that you’ve been to the doctors so wait and see what the results are of the NHS test. The doctor may recommend a colonoscopy and this will tell you if there is anything untoward going on. In the meantime you could keep a bit of a diary like in the link below

    Please let us know how you get on?

    Take care

    Karen x

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm
  • Hi Karen, thank you for your message! I am trying to keep occupied and my family are trying to reassure me due the symptoms I do have. I also have a severe fear of sick so I am very worried about having a colonoscopy due to the prep laxative and the sedation  - I’m worried they’ll make me vomit. Hoping to have the NHS test soon but will have to see what the bloods show on Friday aswell. 

    Will keep you updated and thank you for the diary link. I will definitely put it to use! 

  • Hi Anxious29,

    You should be able to flavour the bowel prep a little bit, which helps. Sedation isn’t like a general anaesthetic, it’s more of a relaxant so you shouldn’t vomit. If it is a real concern for you then gas & air might be an option. I’ve had two colonoscopies, one with sedation and one with gas & air and didn’t really notice any difference. The benefit of gas & air is you can drive afterwards, which you can’t do if you have been sedated.

    Hope this information is of some help.

    All the best.