Colorectal cancer . positive post

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I am 55 diagnosed a year ago colorectal cancer then spread to liver.

Update chemo/ radiotherapy aimed at shrinking one in colon to allow surgery not only shrunk tumour but its gone.  

Liver tumours.  Very deep so they done a PVE which cut supply of blood to right side of liver for 6 weeks forcing left side to grow.

Im now 2 weeks post opp having had the major surgery to remove 60% of liver. In a bit of pain massive scar but who cares about that as long as cancer gone . 

Ill tell gran kids its a shark bite.

Now await decision on what now.  Check no more spread  but Fingers crossed cancer gone so maybe more chemo stop it coming back 

This year has had so many ups and downs and worry and tears but at moment feeling positive.

I hope my post maybe makes at least one person on this horrible cancer journey feel a bit better and positive . .

As my previous posts will show i was so terrified of it all .

We can do this .

Heart to all

  • This is a wonderful post   and going to pop it back to the top so others can enjoy it and be encouraged . Especially those starting out . How we search for these stories when first hearing of mums diagnosis.

    It’s wonderful to think your liver has started the process to regenerate already . Hope the scars heal quickly .

    It’s been some year but hopefully it’s now time for better days .

    take care ,


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  • Hi Smiffy this is great news - do you mind if I ask a few questions? Did you go NHS or private? Were you initially given options of surgery? 
    would love to know more if you don’t mind 

  • How wonderful Two heartsTwo hearts I’m so glad to hear this positive news x