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So following a few bouts of diarrhoea (several months apart) I decided to check with my GP.I am 62, with no other health issues that I am aware of. Almost without question stool samples and various extensive blood tests were ordered.  Calprotectin was higher than normal and FIT test was positive. Only other noticeable symptom was an extremely noisy stomach, liquid and sloshy.  Referred on the 2ww pathway and colonoscopy was booked.  Colonoscopy appointment was Wednesday 5 June - all targets hit pretty promptly.  However, having opted for sedation I was extremely disappointed when the procedure was abandoned. The notes refer to “difficulties encountered. Unresolved sigmoid loop” I was also unresponsive at one point during the sedation process (quite scared to read this after).  So, results state that although the scope wasn’t pushed too far, no evidence of cancer to this point.  I have been referred for Virtual CT colonoscopy and the appointment came through for next week (another prompt appointment). Just have to go through the prep again plus contrast dye this time.  Not quite as daunting, but I won’t get any results on the day (I believe) unlike after colonoscopy.  The waiting game is a tough one, but I am reassured by the experiences I have read here.  Onwards …

  • Hi  Oh that doesn’t sound to have been a very pleasant experience for you. I’ve not heard of an ‘unresolved sigmoid loop’ but a quick look on google seems to say that the bowel can sometimes have a few kinks and loops and it’s better for the person doing the colonoscopy to stop and not try and get through. I also read that it’s often linked to IBS? 
    The fact that they’ve not found evidence of any cancer so far is good news - the taking of more prep is not so good! 

    Please let us know how you get on?

    Take care

    Karen x

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  • Update on 18 June. CT colonography appointment done. So much easier than the colonoscopy. Slight discomfort when bowel is inflated for scan, and odd “hot flush” sensation with the muscle relaxant, but done successfully in about 30 mins.  Procedure made much easier by radiographer who was very easy on the eye! (Even if I am old enough to be his mum!). Seriously, made easier as no sedation necessary, and again the staff were lovely.  Results hopefully in about a week or so.