Appendicitis to not Appendicitis

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Hello all,

I’m 36. After a number of tests after phoning out of hours I was rushed to surgery for appendicitis. Imagine my surprise when I woke up from surgery to be told appendix was fine but a tumor was found/removed and 1/3 of my bowel cut.

Just over two weeks post surgery and awaiting results of the biopsies of both appendix and tumor. Recovery has been horrible but well.

I joined this group in the hope for similar stories so I can mentally prepare for what lies ahead while I am in this strange limbo.

Thank you 

  • Hi  I think  was originally thought to have appendicitis? It’s good to hear that you’re recovering well from the surgery - it’s a big operation so important to take things easy for the first few weeks?

    Hopefully your biopsy results will be through any day and the results will define whether you need chemo or not? Once you have the results and know if you need any further treatment then we can help you further but focus on yourself for now and try to do a few short walks to get your strength back after your operation

    Take care

    Karen x

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  • Hello and welcome,

    I was sent to A&E in November with what my GP believed was internal bleeding and appendicitis. I had a CT to confirm appendicitis, where they discovered an 8 by 10 cm tumour in my caecum which was causing the appendicitis. I went for emergency surgery where they removed my ascending colon along with 24 lymph nodes. The cancer had spread to 2 of the lymph nodes so I was offered 4 rounds of chemotherapy. After completion of chemo, I had another CT. I have since been told I have No Evidence of Disease. I’m yet to have my first colonoscopy but it is planned for the end of the month. I will have scans and colonoscopies for the next 3 1/2 years.

    Hope your results are back soon


  • Thank you Karen and Rachael, I have had two Csections and I underestimated what recovery would look like. I get good days and bad days whereas with the cs once past the peak of pain it was all up from there!

    My CT scan was why they were so sure it was appendicitis. The doctor at the time said it was 95% accurate but because I was slim the organs are more crowded together on a scan rather than spaced out if I had been a little bigger. Inflammation in my blood was around 130 so they acted fast and it happened so quickly I didn’t have time to process it.

    At this point I don’t know much about the tumor that was taken out and didn’t ask any questions from shock. But have so many now that I’m home and waiting for results.

  • Hi MooBugz

    I read your post with interest as I too was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis- only to wake up after a 4 hour op and having had a right side hemicolectomy. This was two weeks ago and I'm still in shock ...but also really concerned and frustrated awaiting the MDT feedback and next steps . I was experiencing right sided pains since November so dreading that it may have spread. My wound is healing well and I've been trying to focus on just getting over the op but it's getting harder by the day . 

  • Hi Rachel, I am about a week ahead of you and still no results although I did call the surgeons secretary today to be told they have the results but my surgeon is off till next week. So expecting another week of wait ahead.

    Did you have any further tests while in hospital? I had a CT of my chest carried out which came back clear so at least that was something positive to take away.

    Hope you get some answers soon. I had a csection last February and was very anaemic at the time and now wonder if that had anything to do with what was found but like you it’s a waiting game for now.

  • Hoping we both get some answers soon . I don't know much currently. I only had a CT scan of my pelvis / stomach area prior to my op. I feel in limbo - which is a horrid place to be. Fingers crossed we both hear something soon 

  • I am so pleased to say after weeks of waiting I had the surgeon call me today to give me the all clear there was talk of diverticulitis but to be honest after she said ‘it’s not cancer’ everything else went in one ear and out the other.

    Thank you for the support and hope for more well clear news for you all.

  • So pleased for you . Long may you keep healthy and happy Blush x