Bowel and liver cancer in 83yo mum

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Hi all, 

My lovely mum has been told she has ascending colon cancer and possibly liver, as lesions are visible in addition to enlarged lymph glands. Awaiting further tests, but concerned about treatment options given her age. She is very fit and well generally and has no other health conditions or meds. The consultant gave us an overview of possible treatments but with caveat ‘given your age these will be challenging in terms of response and recovery, in regard to both surgery and chemotherapy. Mum is struggling to get her head round it all as is my poor dad at 87. I would like to go into the next MDT meting with some  suitable questions. Any advice appreciated 


  • Hey. 
    Really sorry to hear about your Mums diagnosis. My dad has the same diagnosis. 
    He isnt quite the same age as your mum but in his mid 70s. from the impression i got from the hospital, they arent really ageist. It all comes down to fitness. 
    They made him do a fitness test which he passed , he is currently on chemo as he has spread to liver and although he was told it would be difficult, is sailing through it. 
    Hope you get a plan put together soon for her x

  • Thank you; that’s reassuring