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My son was diagnosed with bowel cancer about 7 days ago.  He has already had a date for blood tests and Ct scan.  Because of the speed is it more sinister and urgent

  • Hi Hollyberry. I don't think the speed of the tests and treatment means it's sinister. I think any cancer diagnosis is treated with urgency as the sooner it's treated the better. I was amazed how quickly I was in for my surgery and chemotherapy when you hear constantly on the news about the waiting times in the NHS. I think that's a positive thing.

    I hope all goes well for your son and try not to worry too much - he'll have a good team behind him. Our nurses and surgical teams are world class in my experience. x

  • Hi Hollyberry. Firstly I am very sorry that you and your son find yourselfs here but you will get a lot of sensible advice here from people who have been through this.  Best keep away from Google it is full of misinformation and offen out of date. Unfortunately it usually starts with a rush he will likely have at least 2 scans and meetings with doctors and a colonostopy  if he hasn't already had one ( how was he diagnosed  ) then things will seem to go quiet for a couple of weeks that's when things are going on behind the scenes before you have a treatment plan. Hopefully it has been caught early and bowel cancer is normally very slow growing and easily treated. I had diagnosis in July 22 had radiotherapy and chemotherapy then surgery in March 23 am presently all clear in bowel but have a problem with lungs now but that's another story.  I hope you get a really good outcome. Wishing you and your son all the best wishes.  Dave

  • Thank you.  Feel better now

  • He had surgery for an abscess in the bowel and they found a mass which they removed and tested.  He gets a blood test today and Ct scan Sunday.  

  • Hi Holly, as the others have said I would take this that you have an excellent team on your side and will get everything done as quickly as they can. I am extremely sorry you've had this news but Macmillan are amazing, the boards are very supportive and I am so grateful for my team at the hospital. Keep us posted and all the best

  • Thanks.  Seem to be panicking over everything.  So stressed out

  • It is not an easy process  but it’s in keeping with protocol . That is exactly the time scales they are hoping to achieve .

    Hope we can offer you some support. The uncertainty is horrible but hopefully some news soon .


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  • It’s all the uncertainty.  Hope to get some news soon