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Good afternoon,

My partner has just been diagnosed with bowel cancer. This has come as a real shock to him and I. I feel devastated about this news and am worried sick about what the future holds. We are awaiting the CT scan to find out if it has spread to his liver. The blood results are showing a very high level for ALP (liver enzymes). Would this suggest that it has most likely spread to the liver? I'd love to hear from anyone who is also going through this awful journey. 

  • Rainbowstar,

    Welcome to the club! We have all been shocked initially but the lesson learned is not to worry about the future (no-one knows what will happen there) and deal day to day with only the facts - not guesses - that have been confirmed. Keep busy and don't mope. Steer clear of the Internet generally: it is littered with opinions and sensational articles which only increase your anxiety. Certainly trust these pages as well as the NHS website and Cancer UK. Click on any member's name on these pages and you should be able to read of their own experiences. Remember that there are different treatment paths for bowel cancer. The worst part is waiting between the different stages of treatment, but tell your partner to bear with it as things happen behind the scenes and he will not have been forgotten. The key will be meeting the oncologist who will set the course for dealing with this. Tremendous progress has been made in recent years to set patients back to normal (more or less) once again where life continues as before.

    Any queries, just ask here and someone will respond.


    • Sorry to hear your news and unfortunately I am in the same club as you . After being in remissions for two years after radio/chemo the cancer has returned and secondary in the liver. It is an awful blow and I switch from hopeful to tearful 50 times a day. The wait for the ‘plan’ is longsome. It’s natural to try to anticipate the outcome but truth is everyone is different. Hopefully your partner will have a good response to treatment , if I can offer any advise. Let me know.

    warm hugsHugging

  • Thanks for your reply. I am just so scared about the outcomes and these raised blood levels are causing me to only think the worst.

  • Thanks for the great advice - much appreciated. 

  • Hi there!

    My mums liver levels ALP- have been very high and they were concerned also about a spread to liver.

    We had her MRI results last week and it hasn’t spread to the liver so hopefully that eases your anxiety a little- it really is a lot to deal with xx

  • Thanks for your reply, that is reassuring. I hope and pray it’s the same for him; I’m going out of my mind with worry.