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I have just been diagnosed with Stage 4 colorectal metastatic cancel having had surgery and 6 months chemo a couple of years ago. I am waiting to see the oncologist in a few weeks when they have completed some further tests. As things are largely out of my hands,  I am trying to do some practical stuff. One of these is applying for a Blue Badge. They ask for an SR1 to prove terminal illness. My GP has submitted the form online to the DWP but no one seems to know how I get a copy or certificate or whatever to accompany the Blue Badge application. Anyone done this or know how it works?

  • Hi  

    You could ask our helpline staff . I am sure they would know .

    0808 808 0000

    Thet are fantastic. We decided last year to get one for mum and it really helps . 
    Things are just easier to access especially hospitals .

    Take care ,


    Community Champion Badge

    Helpline Number 0808 808 0000

  • Would the Department of works and pensions not have it . Not that it’s easy to get through to them !


    Community Champion Badge

    Helpline Number 0808 808 0000

  • Hi I'm Dave when I had bowel cancer in July 22 I applied for a blue badge which I got and still have I only accompanied the application with copies of letters from oncologist stating that I had Cancer also from other doctors about my Arthritis and emphysema.  I thought that an SR1 was for getting  emergency descion on application fior Attendance Allowance or other benefits which are diagnosed as Terminal. . It only took me about 10 days to get the blue badge.

  • Thanks Dave. The site says one of the ways you can qualify for a blue badge is if :

    • you have a life limiting illness, which means you cannot walk or find walking very difficult and have a SR1 form
  • The Blue Badge scheme is administered by local councils not DWP. I made a successful application to my local authority using the letters from my consultants. Check your local authority's website, which should include information on acceptable supporting evidence.

    For information, if you can no longer drive because your medical condition means the DVLA would no longer grant you a driving licence you may also be eligible for a free bus pass regardless of age - again check your local authority website.

    Kind regards.