Rectal and liver

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Hi I'm newly  diagnosed  with rectal cancer and awaiting result on my liver 

Plan of action is radiotherapy  then chemotherapy  then bowel resection  with stoma

Then liver operation, this was all given to me on the day of diagnosis  

My head was a shed ,waiting to start radiotherapy  26th of April my pr assessment  

And my journey begins 

  • Welcome  

    It is a lot to process but it’s also a good plan . My mum’s colon tumour was right side ascending so a different location but she did have a spread to her liver .

    She went straight to chemo and slowly worked her way through each stage . If you click on my user name you can read my mum’s story .

    Her liver has remained clear since 2010 .

    Hope you find your feet and although overwhelming it is doable .

    Always here for a chat .


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  • Thankyou for your kind words and I read your mum's story ,she must be a very strong minded lady and also having your love and support ime taking it day by day I'm on the countdown wait for treatment  to start live to you and your mum tracey