Pelvis pain. Any idea?

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Hi all, wondered if anyone had any knowledge on what I’m going to ask.

Since beginning of March I’ve had continuous pain in my left pelvis. it’s there. And feels like it’s spreading.

I had a scan 21st March. Oncologist called yesterday to say to go in for appointment next week. I asked about my X ray results and he said it showed hardening of the pelvis bone but he will tell me in more detail when I see him (he was in a rush)

Exclamation️What does this mean exactly? Anyone had this? Exclamation️ 
I had pelvis pains which spread to whole leg pain as a child and then diagnosed with bone c***r so my minds thinking a lot of things. It is bothering me that this pain is every day.

Thank you all x

  • Hi Gem2023

    I am sorry to hear that you are having some pain in your left pelvis and are needing answers. It must be really worrying for you. Can I suggest that you give the Support Line a call and speak to one of the Nurses. They would be able to chat things through with you while you wait for your appointment with the consultant next week.

    The number is below and they are there until 8pm. 



    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

  • Hi I'm  Dave my wife has lung cancer which has matastised in to bones and kidneys 4/5 weeks ago she was due to start treatment for first time on a Monday from the Thursday before she had pelvic pain inside left leg at top it kept getting worse all weekend and Monday morning we struggled very hard with a borrowed walking frame to get into car got to hospital got wheelchair,  cancer nurse not happy so xray which showed Cancer in top of femur had eaten away bone and she had a broken lower hip. This was the first we knew that the bones were affected so that is a possibility.  I realise that is not the kind of answer you are hoping for but  better the truth and just because that was her outcome does NOT mean you have the same. I Sincerely hope you have a better outcome and you only have a trapped nerve which is very similar type of pain.  Best wishes. I had bowel cancer myself diagnosed in July 2022 had radiotherapy then chemotherapy then surgery March 2023 am now cancer free in bowel had ct scan as a checkup 3 weeks ago bowel fine but something in right lung so had pet scan Thursday and waiting to hear results. All best wishes. Dave