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I have just been diagnosed with colon cancer and I just can't believe it. I feel so numb and don't feel like talking to anyone about it.
I have a 10 year old and I am worried about being able to look after her when chemo starts.

I was hopping for it to be IBD or maybe just an infection. A treatment plan hasn't been decided yet. It will be decided after laproscopy. Hoping to get some answers in my next week appointments.

  • Hopefully you find out soon. I waited and waited and waited. The delays triggered me at times.  Worst part at first. So if you do find yourself waiting longer than expected, it can be normal.

    Some of my wait was due to the need to have as much detail as possible before deciding on the best treatment plan. And for me that also included a laparoscopy. Do it once, do it right. And different experts needed to be consulted at times.  

    So try to be patient. Not that I wasSunglasses

    I really hope for the best for you. Take care of yourself meantime. Good nutrition, exercise and self care.