Wife of husband struggling with post op symptoms for bowel resection (stage 3)

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He was diagnosed on the day of his CT scan - within a week had a stoma fitted and a few days ago had his major surgery to remove tumour & nodules as his bowel had perforated. Only symptoms he had were loss of appetite and abdominal pain. He was in high dependency for 48 hrs and was moved to a ward last night. Can’t keep anything down - really worried about him and finding it hard to cope with it all despite all the team looking after him being so amazing….

  • Hi  This is very common and called ileus. The bowel does not like being manhandled and can sulk for several days after the operation. It’s pretty unpleasant but it will pass. I had it after my resection and again after my reversal. I was nil by mouth for a few days, then water, then soup and ice cream then gradually solid food. Sometimes an ng tube is used which is inserted through the nose and into the stomach but I managed to avoid that.

    Ive attached a link to a recent post by 2 ladies going through the same thing with their other halves which might reassure you?

     RE: Dealing with husband's cancer 

    It’s tough seeing a partner like this and he’ll probably drop a lot of weight but it’ll come back on once he’s feeling a bit better - recovery can be slow initially but he will get there eventually

    Take care

    Karen x

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  • Thank you Karen. Very reassuring to read your experience and the other ones you reference. He’s had a better day today and understands these things will occur as part of the recovery. He did have the ng tube for 48 hrs to drain but the sickness started after the removed it. Hoping to see him out of bed tomorrow and we’ll get his consultant visit too :-) 

  • Hi Karen! 

    My mum had her surgery last month and she was the exact same- it was nightmare! 

    She had the NG tube in for a day or so and it didn’t bring much up. She was sick after it was taken out again and then all of a sudden she stopped being sick.

    I was really concerned about the sickness too, they were going to have to put her on a special nutritional drip (TPN I think?) but thankfully didn’t need it in the end.

    Mum is also stage 3. Happy to chat.

    Sending a big hug and positive thoughts x 

  • Just realised it wasn’t Karen who had written the post- sorry Blush 

  • No worries  and Thankyou for commenting. It’s horrid watching someone going through this ( and definitely not great for the patient!) but good to hear that mums on the road to recovery. Hopefully    your hubby is starting to improve?

    Take care

    Karen x

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