How were you diagnosed? MRI?

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Me again. Saw GP this morning. She said blood test were clear and blood in stools (on 2 days) was probably due to constipation. I said in 50 years I've never had lower back pain or  blood in stools and would like further tests done so she’s now asked for stool sample. My lower back pain is there 24/7. 
I see you can get MRI scans privately - I have private health care. Has anyone been diagnosed this way? 
Doctor said they are bad for you due to radiation? 
Any words of wisdom would be greatly valued. 

  • Blood in 2 poo tests....Colonoscopy performed....diagnosed as very probable bowel cancer there and then....biopsy confirmed this....3 weeks later surgery....anterior resection.... 


  • Hi  You are right to trust your instinct - I think my bloods were ok too but the colonoscopy showed the tumour and I was told they were 99% sure it was cancer there and then. I then had a CT of chest, abdomen and thorax. This flagged up something on my liver so had an MRI which confirmed that it was a harmless haemangioma. 
    When I was diagnosed in 2016 my doctor said that if I had 2 out of the 5 criteria on her check list then the gold standard treatment was to be fast tracked for a colonoscopy which should be within 2 weeks. I’ve attached a link to the bowel cancer uk symptom tracker which may be of interest?

    My only symptom was blood in stools - no weight loss or pain or tiredness

    Take care

    Karen x

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  • I had lower back pain that got worse in the evening for many years but always put it down to wind and stress.     I was diagnosed with a large stage 3 cancer near my anus and beside lymph node’s so I had and operation January 2023 following up 6 months tablet  chemotherapy I have just had my year MOT and I am waiting to hear the results.   I would be dead if I had not had a scan      God bless xx

  • Serious diarrhoea (8/10 times a day) for a year during COVID. Weight loss. People went into hospital without COVID and never left. Swollen ankle for some time without explanation. Registrar mentioned "moss" several times but his English wasn't good. With hindsight I think he meant "mass". Several stool samples all negative. Colonoscopy clinched it straight away where nurse - when pressed - gave personal opinion that the large lesion was probably cancer. Major surgery (6 1/2 hours) two years ago. I feel fine and look at things differently now.


  • Hi 

    I think that it depends on where the problem is. My hubby had IBS then Diverticulitis. 
    I always felt bloated and uncomfortable finding opening my bowels difficult. I had a FIT then colonoscopy which showed rectal cancer. I was close to blocking so was sorted quite quickly. 
    I also had MRI ,CT and an endoscopy to decide on what operation I would have 

    Best wishes


  • Thank you for your feedback, Peter. What a roller coaster for you.

  • Thank you so much for this Karen. Your phrase 'gold standard' gave me the confidence to see another doctor and they are now referring me to a gastroenterologist. You take care too.  Tab x

  • Bless you for this message, Nicho. So sorry it took so long for them to diagnose you. I'm not sure what lies ahead for me, but you have given me courage to speak up and know that back pain is worth investigating. All prayers that your MOT gives you positive news. Tab x

  • Thanks so much for replying Dulac. Sounds like you have been on a challenging journey. So pleased to hear you are OK now. Tab x

  • Hi Ann, thank you for your response. So tough for you both being ill together. Glad you got treatment. Thanks to all messages I have now pushed for and got an appointment with a gastroenterologist. I would never have pursued this had it not been for this support.

    Take care. Tab x