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Hi everyone,

Thought I would share my experience so far, 3 weeks ago I was at my new GP, had constipation following by loose stools which got gradually more frequent, noticed blood in the stool, did blood tests which came back fine except for high cholesterol and Vit D deficiency (had that a long time), my GP then gave me a stool pot and FIT test, the FIT came back within a day showing it was 64, so they put me on the 2WW.

had my colonoscopy yesterday and was told I have cancer in the sigmoid (sic) colon, and my GI nurse has me booked for a CT scan for Monday, seems surreal at the moment, but I’m confident and upbeat (guess now I know, means I can focus on one thing). 

anyway here I am, if anyone has any questions please feel free (as I’ll be asking some in the future I’m sure)


  • Hi Poppy dog, no questions would just like to welcome you to the forum.


  • Hi Poppy Dog

    2017... Positive poo test (NHS Scotland)...biopsy, scans then surgery...anterior resection....worrying and stressful time for patients and carers.....

    Discharged from monitoring December 2022.

    keep posting.

    Best of luck and take care


  • Hi Poppy ,

    diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in July last year  as it had spread to the liver. 5 sessions of radiotherapy in August followed by 3 months of chemo that ended in the November . Scans showed all tumours had shrunk so bowel resection just before Christmas . Further scan in Jan tumours in liver had shrank again resulting in liver resection last month . Whilst I recovered pretty quickly from the bowel resection - only annoying thing is getting my bowel movements back to some sort of normality ! Recovery from liver resection a bit more of a struggle but it was open surgery so to be expected . Had oncologist appointment this week with the good news that all tumours had been removed with good margins for errors and the lymph nodes removed were all clear ! 

    this isn’t to brag but to hopefully bring a bit of hope to your situation . 

    here for any questions and support 

    Jim x