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Hi all , I've just been diagnosed with bowel cancer after my colonoscapy on Monday,  ti was shocked but had prepared myself for the worse . Just waiting on what stage and grade it is ......fingers crossed its not bad 

  • Hi DGM

    Worrying time, pathology will take a while then a treatment plan will be put in place, surgery without chemo or radio was my plan....anterior resection.

    Scans will shed more light on the cancer.

    Best of luck


  • Hi DGM I have just had my meeting with a surgeon after having the results from biopsies and scan. It is a worrying time, but I now feel I’m in safe hands and I’m in the system. I’m having chemo then an op so it all depends on what they think is best for you. Try not to worry too much and trust in the doctors. Good luck on your journey 

  • Dgm,

    Yes, we have been there. Try not to dwell on what might be - no-one knows that. Keep busy and deal with what you know today. If you feel alright then you are alright. Bowel cancer tends to develop slowly and is treatable in many cases, with good results. You are in good company within these pages.


  • Hi DGM,

    I can certainly empathise with you. I have had an op on my bowel and am waiting to start some Chemo. A growth the size of ‘finger nail’ is also on my Liver. My Cancer doctor however seems to be optimistic about the prognosis though. I/we have little choice but to hold faith in the wonderful professions despite the daily bouts of fear and doubts. I find the nights are the worse but I found myself being a  little emotional in Tesco’s earlier! Let us continue to support each other- I feel a little better after writing this note. I hope it also helps you realise that you are not alone

    You take care Heart


  • Hi DGM,

    it can be stressful times , but it helped me also that I prepared for the worst . I was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer last summer (it had spread to the liver ). However, my oncologist was very positive from the outset and said the treatment would be for curative reasons which gave me massive encouragement. I had 5 sessions of radiotherapy followed by 3 months of CAPOX chemotherapy. The results of this showed that all tumours had shrank enough for surgery. Just before Christmas I had a bowel resection which removed the tumour in the bowel and pathology report came back T3 M1 N0 ( the T is for tumour and number basically describes size, M is for Metastatic ie 1 as it had travelled and N is for lymph nodes and 0 indicates that from the lymph nodes removed bone had any signs of cancer ). I then had liver resection in February and the pathology reports came back last week indicating that there had been a good error of margin (so likely good is they removed all tumours with nothing left , and lymph nodes that were removed were also clear) . So as far as the oncologist is concerned I am cancer clear at the minute . I am due to take a 12 week course of Capecitabine tablets (2 weeks on 1 week off) this is for adjuvant reasons and the slight chance it will improved the chances of the cancer not reoccurring. 

    whatever the results , there is always hope . Always here for any questions 


  • Hi Jim,

    your very positive reply has given me great hope. Like you, my Cancer doctor believed the prognosis was good. I am so pleased you are at the stage you are at. 
    Take care of yourself