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Hi everybody. I am having a resection on Friday after being diagnosed with bowel cancer in early Feb. It hasn’t spread to any other organs. The surgeon doesn’t know if it will be keyhole or full sunroof until he gets in there. Or whether he will do a stoma. I was ok with everything until I had my pre op consultation where they tell you everything that might ho wrong! I’m not sleeping snd getting very jittery and frightened. I’m 71 and glad it’s been found early. I am my husbands carer as he has had a stroke and now disabled down the right side. Life seems to be throwing us a huge amount of curved balls at the moment. 

  • Hi Flyingicarus

    I know how you feel.

    I was exactly the same plus my preop nurse was truely horrible. She didn’t like my consultant and let me know. I came home in tears and first thing in the morning whilst waiting to book in

    Guess who was my nurse !!

    One day at a time and keep chatting here.

    They always have to paint the worst to you. I felt I would take my chance with my surgeon he was wonderful. The cancer had to be binned no matter what 

    I had a stoma it was temporary and when I woke the relief was amazing. If you click on my name you can read my bio if it helps. 
    im sending you a hug 

    Take care



  • Hello Flyingicarus and a warm welcome to the forum though i am sorry you have to be here and that you have cancer. Great news that it has been caught early and surgery is to happen soon. we always think the worst it's normal, they have to tell you about things that may go wrong during surgery, and i know it's hard but focus on the positive the operation is to cure you. take care.


  • Thanks Eddie - a roller coaster of emotions and I know I’m being irrational. And I know I’m not alone. Lx

  • Thanks Ann - I know I’ll get through it it’s just the fear of the unknown. I’m not bothered if I have a stoma if it helps things heal more quickly. It’s changing my diet from high fibre to low residue which is going yo be hard! Lx

  • I know.
    When I was told white bread, pasta salad sugar and salt with my Ileostomy .
     Ha ha I couldn’t believe it.

    I'd spent so long on a healthy diet I wondered how I’d manage.

    But white bread and salted butter fish finger sandwich with mayo became a favourite. It’s surprising how easy it all becomes. 
    If you join the stoma support group if you have and questions. They’re a great bunch with loads of excellent advice 

    Best Wishes 


  • Hello, I am 64 years old, I have already experienced everything that colon cancer can do to a person, but I am still alive and fighting. Respect for you and your husband. In my country, Poland, people say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger and we will be even stronger.
    Greetings from Cranwell..... Grzegorz

  • Hi Flyingicarus

    Anterior resection....Keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery performed for bowel cancer in 2017, prepared me for a stoma (standard procedure) not needed, in hospital for 5 days, back to work 9 weeks later....not easy by any means ...but we have little choice in the matter....discharged from monitoring 2023.

    Best of luck ....take care.


  • Thank you - you sound positive and alive! It’s what I am trying to focus on but I allow myself a little fear at times. Lou

  • Thanks Peter - it’s good to hear the positives and that’s what I need to focus on. A big journey ahead just as we were learning to cope with husbands stroke. I/we can do it!

    best wishes


  • Hi Flyingcarus

     I found it helped me to do my gentle core exercises twice a day as recommended by my team. ( pelvic floor) 

    Eat well, I foubd certain foods difficult to process.

    Fill my time with things I liked. I couldn’t focus on reading but TV was fine. I banned watching the News. 

    For head space I listened to meditation/mindfulness/ hypnotherapy on my phone. 

    Be careful of charges 

    Thats all I could do the rest was up to my team.

    That may help you. 

    Best wishes