Bowel cancer with Dementia

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Hello I have just joined

My husband has a non invasive bowel cancer he is 81 and having numerous tests to see if he can be operated on . We have a “going forward “ meeting with the medical team on Tuesday what are his options  and chances of survival if they decide he is too frail to undergo 

  • Hello wisper and a warm welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear of your husbands diagnosis. If your husband cannot have surgery, Chemo or chemoradiation could be your husbands next option, if he is ok to have it, it can be very effective with in situ bowel cancer and can sometimes cure it. wisper your post ends with too frail to undergo as i assume you were talking about surgery, that is what my, non professional, answer is about. If you were going to say too frail to undergo treatment, I  can't say as it depends on many things. best wishes with the meeting on Tuesday, I hope you get good news, take care.


  • Thank,you yes I meant surgery I can only wait and take one day at a time