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Hi, im new to all this.

Had a colonoscopy on Friday where the surgeon confirmed a malignancy. 

It's a difficulty placed tumour and crosses two different cell types so biopsy will confirm which type. 

I am now waiting on an MRI.

I live on a small remote island so all treatments and tests are off island so raises its own challenges with weather and I also have 2 young boys with no support here.

So I'm all a bit at sea right now...know I have cancer but little other information and that's the hard bit as I am a big picture kind of girl.


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  • Hi Biky, a scroll through the posts here and you will see a lot of people feel just like you at this stage of their journey. You will also see a lot them feel ‘better’ once they start getting more information about their condition. You can also talk to support workers at MacMillan, which might be helpful given your circumstances and geography.

    I won’t say the more you know the easier it gets but it can help with understanding and acceptance of where you are now. Cancer also doesn’t need to define your life. Again, there are plenty of posts from people enjoying life whilst living with cancer.

    All the very best.


  • Hi Biky I’m at the same stage as you just waiting for results of CT scan. It’s the waiting that gets to me as I have a very overactive mind! I’ve found this forum really helpful and the overwhelming advice is stop googling, which I am trying to do. My way of coping is by telling myself I’m in the system now and I have to try to be patient. I’m happy to chat whenever you feel the need. Take care of yourself. 

  • Ahh see I have a medical partner..so no need to Google...I have a walking Google Rofl its not so much mind is overactive but certainly I'm a big picture girl. But yes waiting is horrid as I was given the idea on MRI inside 10 days yet hospital appointments said possibly early April by the time I've gone theough justification and my 67 days ends on April 13th...so it's going to be a whirlwind once they've done the MDT as we have to allow 2 days to travel off the island where I live.

    Where abouts are you based? I'm in the Outer Hebrides. Pretty but remote.

  • Welcome  

    You certainly have a bit more planning to do to attend treatment. However I do love the outer Hebrides. I cycled round them with my mum when I was in my 20s and it’s definitely on my list to go back to .

    I am a bit further south than you in the central belt , however my mum is a stage four patient and has had to travel to different cities to centres of excellence but not as far as you . But it was worth the travel .

    My son was doing some work on Shetland before Christmas and it was tricky with the weather getting on /off the island .

    It’s also tricky at this stage working with half the information and straddling cell types . But one thing I have discovered is they will have a plan and worked with the variables before .

    We also have a helpline 0808 808 0000 they can give you guidance on support , supporting your children and financial aspects too. 
    Might be worth pulling some of that information together .

    Once you know the procedure we can give you realistic advice on recovery etc and we have a lot of young mum’s around just now  to help with that aspect .

    But the unknown is so tough and probably one of the most frustrating parts . People here report feeling much better once the plan comes into place and gives some structure on how to proceed through this .

    Take care ,


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  • Hi Biky oooh your own walking google I’m sure that’s a help. Just having someone to share this journey with does make it easier. I’m based in the north east and I think waiting times here are not as good as yours, but we’ll wait and see. I hope you don’t have to wait too long. Keep in touch as I’m happy to chat anytime.