Bowel cancer after treatment

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Hello everyone, hope you are having a good day

  • In 2020 I was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer but after intense radiotherapy, chemo for a year and an ileostomy for 18 months, the operation was successful. I am still clear of bowel cancer thanks to the wonderful team of doctors and nurses. But ……….I still have episodes when I can’t control my bowels and find that I’m passing wind from my vagina that I cannot control. It’s so embarrassing that I hate going out. Has anyone else had this problem and why is it happening?

  • Hi benign  I had my operation to remove my cancervlast month and was given an ileostomy bag I find I have a lot of wind in my bag which causes ballooning mainly in the night. But I get the urge to go a toilet from the back passage which is very disconcerting as I have to keep going to sit on the loo just incase but if cause I cannot go but I still have to sit there for my own peace of mind. I was told it was a normal feeling and that I would still get mucus from there but not poo . 

    I know uts not the same as you but what I'm saying is ask your nurses why is it happening and  how can you prevent it. 

  • It does get better and I find. I'd describe it has having less tolerence to things that cause problems for most people. I have IBS and that hasn't gone away so needs treatment. What helps for me is:
    - Keep a food diary to find out what causes wind and avoid - for me, fizzy drinks, especially beer is bad
    - Probiotics (both a tablet and Yakult)
    - Buscopan for IBS
    - Fish oils
    - Windeze or similar to break up trapped wind