CT Scan

OK, So the we got a phone call this afternoon from our local hospital to say that James is being booked in for his CT scan on the 7th June so that's not too far away a week this coming Tuesday. He goes for his Spring Covid Booster this coming Tuesday (31st May) and then the following week a CT. Fingers toes and everything else will be crossed on the 7th that everything is OKScream.

  • Will do and all the very best for his results . Hope it brings some relief .

    I have noticed that some women are noting a raised lymph node on the side they got their vaccine booster on when they are getting a mammogram. Apparently they are aware of it after a vaccine . 

    Thinking of you both !


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  • Thanks Court!  Nerves are `janglin` as you could imagine- and that's just me! That's interesting raised lymph nodes in covid booster jags. Just wondering would it be an idea to let the MDT know this that he is going for the booster the week before the CT scan even tho is bowel not breast cancer checkup?? Thanks. It's a really big help coming on to this communityThumbsup