Bowel cancer

Hi my name is Jo 

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in January, 

I had the operation to remove part of the colon where the tumor was 

My results came back to 7 out of the 30 odd lymph nodes they removed had traces of cancer so I have to have chemotherapy 

My appointment for the oncology team is this Friday and I will find out what chemo I'm having , I was told it will be once a wk for 6months , I am fully recovered from the operation but still taking it easy ,

I am very positive but I have so many questions about the chemotherapy and how its gonna effect me and make me feel 

  • Hi 

    Just want to welcome you to the forum . So sorry you had to join us but also glad that you found us .

    I will leave other people with experience to answer your questions but wanted to link in a thread that people have put together to share how they dealt with chemotherapy as you might find that helpful .

    Please feel free to ask anything you like . Last hurdle to get through for you and with the help of your team you will get there . My mum was a stage 4 patient and had chemo over two years . The biggest lesson we learnt was to talk to your team . If you give them the information they can assess it , make adjustments or add in additional meds to combat side effects . My mum battled on too long before letting them know and it made a big difference when she did .

    All the very best .


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  • Once you know which chemo, people can help. I had 30 weeks of 5FU with leucovorin which was done over 34 weeks, but basically doable. Take care

  • Hi jospongebob

    Miraculously, in our uniqueness each of us responds differently to treatment. The oncology team looking after me were highly reluctant to talk about side effects in advance. If I experienced anything untoward, they had solutions at the ready. So that gave me the confidence that I would be cared for as an individual. I’d encourage you to let them know if you experience any unwanted changes. And hope for the best, while planning for the other.

    There seem to be many kind, caring and highly experienced people working in oncology: my experience was that I could trust them, pass my worries to them, and allow the magic of chemo to do its work.

    Every blessing
  • Hi wellspring, thank you for the advice , I think I'm.just a bit anxious to what to expect , I have no concerns about bein I  the right hands with the oncology team , I find out Friday what the plan is goin to be and what the treatment is goin to be 

    Take care 


  • Hi again Jospongebob

    It’s good that you have confidence in your team. And yes, not knowing can be a challenge. Your team will have experienced a wide range of reactions to the treatment and be able to help you. I hope that reassurance might take the edge off your little bit of anxiety. 

    Every blessing
  • Hi Court, 

    Thank you for your welcome, I will.checl the link out ,its so nice to know I am not alone 

    Thanks again 


  • hi Jo, it's a good idea to write down all your questions before you go back to the hospital as it's so easy to forget things. Sending nest wishes. KH2

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  • and best wishes.

    "don't think about tomorrow"