3cm suspected malignant tumor

After the colonoscopy which was done friday .7.01.22 i was informed by the nurse that there is a 3cm suspected malignant tumor in my rectum. I was so devastated and tears just flowed from my eyes. I was told that a tissue sample was taken and will be send for biopsy. Tuesday 11 december i had my mri pelvis. I am so worried and unable to sleep since friday . Is a 3cm malignant tumour bad? Or has it spread or is it aggressive?please do reply if anybody  here has had a 3cm tumor. Many thanks and regards to all. Godbless

  • Welcome! Size will not generally matter as far as I can tell. Location seems to be more the critical factor, where in your rectum is it? The scans will indicate whether it has spread, perhaps ask your nurse. But regardless it is definitely treatable. Take care

  • Hi . I had a 4cm rectal tumour but as Gemmary says size does not matter. The MRI will check to see if there is any spread to other organs but even so it is still treatable. Bowel cancer is slow growing but very treatable. My tumour was 9cm in from my anus and shrank from 4cm to 1cm after chemotherapy. I then had the operation to remove it and I’ve just celebrated a 5 year scan with no evidence of the disease.

    The waiting for results is very stressful but you will honestly feel a bit better once you have a plan in place. Stay away from google - you can ask anything you like on here and we’ll be happy to support you through this

    Take care

    Karen x

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  • Hi gemmary,the report stated 3cm tumor lower posterior rectum,felt tethered at DRe, about 1cm from the anal margin. 

  • Hi karen62, thank you for giving me strength to move forward it is indeed too much for me to process

  • Hi Wil66

    The size isn’t the issue. I was told mine was enormous, that made me feel really anxious it measured 10cm  

    Its out and in a bin and I’m fine. 

    Please don’t worry about its size thankfully there’s amazing results with bowel cancer and this community is supportive and understanding. 

    The hardest time is before you have your treatment plan. It’s tough the mind can go into overdrive. 
    This is a good place to share your worries it does help. 
    keep chatting 

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann 

  • Hi artsie, it is indeed very hard ive been crying /sobbing when thinking of the uncertainties . I am so scared

  • Bless you, it’s really frightening, cry or scream if you need to. Processing it is tough and waiting for the treatment plans even harder. Do you have someone share this with? 

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann 

  • Hi again karen62, august last year i had the urge of passing poo but unable to and i was so scared when the tissue paper where spotted with red blood, i immediately  ask for gp consultation and i was seen the following day, i was examined and the gp did not see anything. According to the gp most problably a bleeding pile . What was your first symptoms karen62?

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    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann 

  • Hi artsie, my wife has been very supportive she giving strength but i know deep inside her she is more devastated than i am