Hello I am cath I have colon cancer stage 4 starting chemo this week to hopefully shrink the tumor then operation scared of having chemo scared of everything has anyone been through the same or going through appreciate every little help

Colon cancer

  • Hi 

    Sorry to hear you've been diagnosed with cancer. I hate this disease so much! 

    I'm the relative of someone who was diagnosed with 4 bowel cancer (spread to liver) in July. It was a truly terrifying time when my Mum was diagnosed so I can only imagine how incredibly hard it must be to be the one who has received the diagnosis. 

    What chemo will you be having? Folfox? That's what my mum had for 5 cycles and she's just had her scans which show good shrinkage. We're waiting to hear whether there's enough shrinkage for surgery now or whether she'll need more chemo to shrink further. 

    Taking it step by step, each day at a time is the only way to get through it in my experience so far.

  • Welcome  . Sorry to read about your diagnosis but so glad you have joined us so we can support you through this difficult period in your life !

    If you click on my user name you can read my mum’s journey with a stage 4 diagnosis. It really was not so different from the chemotherapy used in other stages . chhttps://community.macmillan.org.uk/cancer_types/bowel-colon-rectum-cancer-forum/f/bowel-colon-rectum-cancer-forum/221768/chemo-care-top-tips--
    This thread has pulled together peoples tips when preparing for chemotherapy and I think you will find it quite informative and helpful !

    Once my mum had met the staff and had the opportunity to familiarise herself with the department and the routine she found it easier ! The team met with her before each cycle to assess how the last one went , take bloods and make any adjustments! 

    My mum went straight to chemo and it’s a good plan as it gives the opportunity to shrink the tumour and target any stray cells , she then had surgery after chemo had finished !

    Ask anything you like !

    Take care ,


  • Sound a good response for you mum  she is heading in a better direction for sure !


  • Hi Cath sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis, you will find lots of support and advice here.  

    I'm also a stage 4er, had a good response to chemo and now on a break waiting to find out if I can have surgery.

    The nurses on the chemo ward will take very good care of you and you will have a 24 hour number to call.

    Best wishes for next week.

    Michelle. X

  • Yes I'm having folfox I think 

  • Thank you for the advice sorry to ask you this did your mum suffer from constipation and what did she do

  • Thank you for the advice sorry to ask did you suffer from constipation what did you do

  • Thank you for the advice did your mum suffer constipation and what did she do or take

  • Definitely not at the beginning but I think it did occur on chemotherapy. Can’t quite remember but if you are looking for some guidance we have a helpline and the Macmillan nurses might be able to find out for you !

    0808 808 0000.

    They should be able to get you some information!