Just saying I'm new to the group. Thanks for having me.

  • Hello 

    Welcome to the forum for us . Hope you feel free to share and join in .Lots of support and guidance available.

    Take care ,


  • Hi, great to be here. But I can only see an update from 3 months ago. Are there more up to date conversations going on? 

    I have rectal cancer that's spread throughout my abdomen, especially my liver. Has anyone else had this? 

    Otherwise, everyone... have a great day Slight smile

  • Hi 

    I am not quite sure what can be the problem but I will certainly ask admin to help out . 
    That’s great you have put in a bit more information on your situation . 
    Quite a lot of people do have a spread to the liver or abdomen. If you click on my user name you can read my mum’s journey with treating a secondary spread . She has been at it for quite a few years now .

    Are you having chemo just now or investigating Hipec surgery ? 

    My own mum went straight to chemo first and that was great at not only shrinking her visible disease but tackled any microscopic disease . This opened up other options for her .

    Hope others in a similar position will also pop on . Sometimes it’s a matter of timing . You also might like to have a look at Bowel cancer U.K. .forum . Lots of people use both forum . 

    Take care ,


  • Hi Court. 

    Thanks for the welcome. I'm feeling quite lost at the moment, but no doubt in time will catch up with everyone. I'm just impatient. 

    I'm also seeking all the help I can get and happy to share my experience, too. 

    I'm also trying to find how to save this post! 

  • Hi 

    Have you been diagnosed quite recently? It’s a slow process at times to gather all the required information and plays heavily on everyone’s minds and emotions .

     If you go to the tag next to my photo / your icon ! That is the Bookmark facility. You can always retrieve this thread there if you bookmark it . 
    We are certainly here to support in whichever way we can . 
    Despite the different staging in bowel cancer the treatment can be very similar so there is a lot of overlap in discussions.  We also have a catch up thread which covers everything or just someone to talk to . All are welcome to join in .

    If you want specific information about an aspect of treatment it can sometimes be helpful to start a specific thread just so others know the subject .

    Part of what we do here is try and reduce the fear and isolation that can come with a diagnosis. 
    So pleased you joined in the discussions .

    I think we would all universally agree the waiting and the unknown are hard to tolerate,

    Take care ,