My Cancer Journey.

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Hi all

I was diagnosed with Bowel cancer back in April 2019, after a few months of visits to my GP - complaining of vague pains in my left side, very loud gurgling noises after eating, & strange looking bowel movements, & the need to lie down after lunch.

After a virtual scan & a real Colonscopy, I was diagnosed, then operated on a month later - a left Hemicolectomy, a week before my 70th birthday. Despite my age, I was still in shock & felt like a rabbit in the headlights - bombarded with Info. leaflets.

However, the Op. went well. A year later, I was diagnosed with 2 cancerous Lung Nodules....Had 6 mths of chemo, then lung ablation.

Since then, regular CT scans & blood tests. All looking good so far. I am now 75 yrs. & grateful for the attention I have received over the years. I wish everyone gets the same treatment.

Marianne x

  • Hi  and what a lovely update to read. Happy 5 year clear cancerversary and here’s to many more. Thankyou for all your support to others on the board too - a truly lovely lady 

    Take care

    Karen x

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm
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    That's so kind of you & thank you for your kind words. I was trying to say that there's always hope for everyone here - however, I don't think I expressed it well here. However, I'm truly grateful to be alive 5 years later. I have follow up blood tests on Tuesday, (they always worry me - as do CT Scans.) Once diagnosed, unfortunately, the journey never ends entirely. However, at aged 75 yrs. I'm feeling okay right now. Lots of love, Marianne x