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Hi all,

I am currently awaiting my 2ww referral with a consultant on Tuesday. I have been having abdominal pains since February on and off, I have been to the doctor multiple times and to the hospital. I had ultrasound at A&E found nothing and an ultrasound in April on my pelvis as we thought it could be ovary related. However doctors then asked me to do a FIT test and it was positive at 48. I have had blood tests completed which came back normal/no significance and faecal Calprotectin was 30. 
I have been reading all of your posts which have helped, I am just very scared of the unknown and my anxiety is not great. I am 31 years old and never suffered with issues like this before. 

  • Hi  and a warm welcome to the board. The FIT test checks for blood in the stool sample and 48 is pretty low? There are several things that can cause blood in the sample such as colitis, diverticulitis, piles etc. and only 1 in 10 colonoscopies results in a bowel cancer diagnosis.

    The important things is that you’re getting checked out. I know it’s hard but try not to let your worry and imagination run away from you and wait and see how the appointment on Tuesday goes?

    Please let us know how you get on and remember that the support desk is available on the number if you want a chat?

    Take care

    Karen x

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm
  • Hi Karen,

    Thank you so much for the message. It has just been very overwhelming at the moment, but like you say hopefully il have more answers on Tuesday

    will update you

    thank you again


  • I'm the same as you. On Friday last week my Dr asked me to do a fit test as my stools were black and I explained my other symptoms to him but said I always thought they were linked to potential endometriosis (I have surgery in September to find out if I have it or not). My iron was extremely low so I had been on iron tablets for about two weeks when I saw him (the reason for the appointment initially was to discuss why I would be so low in iron after the result). He said that it's likely the black stool was caused by the iron but we'd do a test anyway. Tuesday I saw the result came back positive for blood at a score of 100, I immediately broke down. I saw a different Dr that same day and was referred on the 2WW. I spoke to the cancer specialist team on Thursday and was told I would be referred for a colonoscopy but I couldn't have it done yet as I need to come off my iron tablets for at least a week before having it done, I am then on holiday for a week starting next Saturday so I am not going to be able to have it done until after my holiday and I am so scared. Deep down I feel like something is wrong and I should have spoken to the Dr about my symptoms sooner but I'm trying to stay positive. I am also only 25 and have already had a cancer scare previously when I had a borderline skin cancer result a year ago where now I have to be super careful around the sun and keep an eye on my moles, I'm over due a follow up for that so have been re-referred but even all that didn't have me thinking like this