Natural treatments for Neuropathy

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Hi all,

I have been on Capox (8 cycles) unfortunately the 7th cycle seems to have been the kicker and I've developed constant peripheral neuropathy in my fingertips and toes that spreads up my feet. 

The oxaliplatin has been dropped from my final cycle - I am happy to be done with that! The team hasn't mentioned anything to help with it other than a "wait and see how bad it gets" approach.

I've watched the really helpful presentation on CIPN (thank you to whoever shared that!) They mention acupuncture and reflexology. 

Has anyone tried either and had good results? I'm not usually a "natural remedy" person but I feel I need to do something rather than waiting and seeing how badly I suffer with it.

  • Hi Bren.

    I started struggling to walk after chemo, but no one seemed to be bothered.  Actually I was stuggling to walk during chemo sessions, but no one was bothered.

    3 months after chemo ended my neuropathy just got worse and worse.   I went to my GP who said 'why did it take you so long to see me'.. well the oncologist wasn't bothered or any of the rest of my team, so I didn't see it as a big deal, but it so is!

    Bren, keep shouting about it because it will probably get worse after your chemo stops.  It seems to be something that is not really researched.    I found a really interesting youtube zoom meeting recording done by therapists and they said keep trying to stimulate the areas, so rub your fingers in rough towels etc. 
    I use an accupressure mat to try and increase blood  circulation to my feet.  I walk lots too, but can't do steps, pebbles, uneven ground etc  and need a stick. 

    It got worse 3 for up to 3 months after chemo, then I did get a slight improvement, but I'm no where near right and the improvement has stopped.   It might not get better than this.   GP has put me onto folic acid.   I've done some research and I'm taking vit B complex, Alpha liponic acid, magesium.   No definative reasearch to say they work, but some indications that they might. 

    I'd love to try reflexology or accupuncture, so if you go that route, let me know how it goes for you.   I Can't work, so can't pay for those sadly.