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Morning all - apologies for all the questions

I have a 4cm colon cancer diagnosis and waiting to confirm shadings on my liver with mri tomorrow and then pet scan 

I am based in London and wanted to know any recommendations when seeking a second opinion especially in regards to the liver mets


  • Hi  I would be tempted to wait until you have seen your consultant and had the findings in the liver confirmed as they may be benign cysts. St Marks hospital in London is a bowel cancer specialist hospital

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm
  • Thank you Karenno62 I wish I was that confident - I’m trying but it’s so hard and wanting to get my ducks in a row - knowing it’s not broken the colon wal, liver is super healthy and bloods good is all I know but I want to know so much - I have so many questions 

    can it travel to the liver if it’s not broken through the colon wall or yea through lymph nodes 

  • I know the waiting is hard, but you need to have it confirmed if it is liver mets or not. 
    You also may not need a second opinion, because like my dad they told him his liver was operable . 
    Your liver is able to regenerate, they can cut 70 percent of your liver off and it regrows, so even if they are confirmed to be liver mets, they can mostly be dealt with. 
    If they arent operable, chemotherapy can shrink them to become operable. 
    You would only need a second opinion if after chemo they still said you were inoperable. 
    There is a list of hospitals in the UK that are centres of excellence for livers. We are lucky enough to be next to the one in Leeds but if you google theres a list of 8-9 around the county, these are where you would seek a second opinion. 
    hope this helps 

  • Also, having it not broken through your wall is good because if broken through it can spread to your perineum, but the cancer can travel through your blood system not only through lymph nodes, usually liver and lungs 

  • Thank you CxO I am so anxious as both my children are under 6 and I am worried they won’t have a mummy 

    the waiting for a pet scan is insane and still no appointment but MRI tomorrow 

    is bowel cancer fast growing - I hate the fact it’s inside my body and I’m waiting all the while my kids 

  • Please dont google, all the facts and date are out of date.
    Bowel cancer is really slow growing, it has probably been growing for years. 

    The treatment options are just getting better all the time also. Bowel cancer is a really treatable disease. 
    The waiting is the worst. It really does get easier once you have had the scans then you can get your treatment plan and plan of action, then you can start your journey of getting rid of it. 

  • Hi  I’m honestly not sure. You could post in the Ask a Nurse section or ring the support desk?

     Ask a Nurse 

    Bowel cancer is very slow growing but very treatable

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm