POLARiS Study.

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Hey everybody!

A new study into Low Anterior Resection Syndrome is being done, and one of the places involved is Queens Hospital in Nottingham, where I get all my cancer treatment. The study plans to examine treatments to find an effective pathway to treat LARS, given how badly it can impact the lives of those who have undergone bowel resection surgery.

I've been asked to be part of the study. So far, I have submitted their first questoinnaire, and they found that my case is severe enough to go onto the next stage and be included in the randomised treatment trial. I will keep people up to date as information appears, but it is scheduled to run for a couple of years, so they are doing a thorough, long-term assessment of various treatments.

For those of us who do suffer from LARS, and there's more than people realise, this could be a real step towards effective treatment. So worthwhile being a guinea pig, if it can help so many of us!

Onwards and upwards!