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I’m 47 and recently had a colonoscopy where they found a malignant looking mass. 10 biopsies taken. Located 4-5cm from rectum.  Now waiting a CT and MRI scan and MDT meeting. It’s starting to feel more real now and feeling anxious and scared on what is coming next. Anyone been through similar and what happened.

  • Hi  and a warm welcome to the board. Once the scan results are back then the MDT will meet and decide on a treatment plan for you. Rectal tumours are often treated with chemoradiotherapy to shrink them as small as possible before surgery. It’s usually a 5 week course of radiotherapy with a low dose of chemo tablets (capecitabine) which enhances the effect of the radiotherapy. There is then a break while the radiotherapy continues working then you may have chemo or could go straight to an operation.

    The scans will check to see if there is spread to other organs but even if that is the case,there is still a lot of treatment available. 

    I’ve attached a link to a booklet that I was given at my first meeting which will give you an idea terminology, treatment options etc.

    I was diagnosed in 2016 and I’m still ‘no evidence of disease’ as are the 2 ladies that I buddied up with during my treatment.

    We’re all at different stages of treatment and recovery on here and happy to help and support you through yours. No question too daft or embarrassing so feel free to ask anything you like 

    Take care

    Karen x

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  • Tha k you for your reply. I think it’s just the waiting as no confrmed diagnosis as yet. It’s a bit confusing as why put me on a cancer pathway if it wasn’t cancer? He said it’s been there about a year but my symptoms only really started 3 months ago and had nothing before then. The nurse said he managed to get past the tumour up into my intestine and they didn’t find anything further up, so I’m hoping this is a good sign? 
    Again thank you for your rent and it’s good to hear you are still clear xx

  • Hi  Yes the biopsy will confirm whether it’s cancer or not but, to be honest, they tend to know what they’re looking at - they told me straight after my colonoscopy that they were 99% sure.

    Bowel cancer is notoriously slow growing but very treatable and once you have a treatment plan in place then things will honestly feel a bit better x

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm
  • He did say 50/50 which isn’t a help! As you say it will feel better once I know for sure and what is ahead of me x

  • Hi. 

    Very similar to myself.  Same sort of distance. 

    I did not have any treatment before, straight into surgery within a few weeks off confirmation from the mri etc.   Although in my case i was told no doubt from the colonscopy it was malignant.

    They did explore removing it from the surface, which is much less invasive procedure, with no long term impact on bowel function.   But mine was firmly stuck into the bowel wall, so good margins removed.  Even if they could 'scrap it off' I was still give option of full removal and all the statistics to make a decision.  

    Short course of mop up chemo after, not everyone needs it, but the oncologists are so good at all the data and advising on all options.

    Fingers crossed its not, but if it is then I am sure you will be super looked after.   

  • Thank you for sharing your story. Hope you’re doing ok now? X

  • Thank you.  I started my 4th and final round of capox this week.

    Final scan is booked for mid June, followed by meeting with oncologist who will then hand back to colorrctal team. Colonoscopy will follow to remove a further bengin polyp.   Hopefully those 2 are clear and move to 6th monthly bloods and annual scans. 

    Good luck with your results.  

  • Hello xxx I am in great need of some support. I have a not buddied up with anyone x I am at the very beginning of my journey. I had my colonoscopy last Sunday and I am waiting for my biopsy results. I have my CT scan on Sunday. I am very frightened of my future. Xx