Looking for experience of post APeR rectal surgery and pain preventing sleep and sitting

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Hi, I’m reaching out to see if others on here have had similar experiences to my husband and can share some insights for me.

My husband had surgery for rectal cancer 4 weeks ago. Surgery went well and he was home a week later, but quickly started showing signs of infection which took over a week to get correct antibiotics. The infection was generating immense pain preventing him to even stand up, but this is now much better and he can take short walks and the immense pain is only occasionally now, still some infection there.
However, he still has pain in the bottom where the stitches are holding everything together. This is too painful to sit for even 30seconds never mind the constant warning of not to sit longer than 20 mins. He is also only getting an hour periods of sleep as wakes with the need to change position due to either the pain or a dead leg… it feels like no one is listening to us as the only response we get is “is all doing well and very normal”. 
Is there anyone out there that has had a similar surgery and experience, any suggestions to help get more sleep and manage the pain..

Feeling like a helpless wife right now.