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Hi I am having a colonoscopy in 2 days I am absolutely terrified, like beyond words. The fear I am feeling is making me feel sick, please someone shed some light on there experience as I can’t sleep thinking about it 


  • Hi - I had a colonoscopy last July. My first one, and the one that set me on my path to treatment. I'm so glad I had it for that very reason. 

    I was nervous too - not just about what it might reveal, but about the experience too. I like to think I have a lot of dignity, so the prospect of having a tube up my backside in a room of people was awful. 

    But the medical staff were amazing. They so obviously know what they are doing, so it's easy to put your faith in them. I met the doctor leading the procedure just before it began and he explained what he'd be doing. I was offered sedative but declined it. The procedure wasn't painful but a little uncomfortable at points, so I'd consider taking the sedative next time. They pump a little bit of gas into you to help the camera go in, so it can feel like you have trapped wind. They just tell you to relax and let it come back out, so the embarrasment factor can be high - but they are professionals so don't worry. I had a lovely nurse talking to me and giving reassurance throughout.

    Alas, my colonoscopy showed a large tumour at the bottom of my colon... but if I hadn't have had it, I wouldn't have known and I might not be here now. You'll be ok - it's the right thing to do and you'll be in wonderful hands. I hope it goes really well for you and wish you the very best. 

  • Thankyou so much replying you have put me at ease a little, it’s the whole having a tube up there that’s totally freaking me out, and if it’s hurts I am defo having the sedation. Am just so scared. But  I know I need to have it for all the right reasons. Am sorry to hear about your results and I hope you are recovering well. Take care 

  • Hi, I have a Colonoscopy operation 2 years ago, I was terrified aswell and I don't know what to expect, Stay strong and positive. My Consultant was very good and very helpful all the way the operation and after he did look after me, He did a keyhole operation, and it was so good because I had no scars, I spend 10days in the Hospital. The nurses are very good, kind and helpful also. If you are worried, talk to your Colonoscopy nurse or your doctor.You need to sleep and rest,.. I know its worrying, if you are worry about the pain, they give you painkiller.

  • I know the idea of a colonoscopy can be scary but the nursing staff will be amazing in supporting you through it. I would describe it as uncomfortable rather than painful so to ease your fears, go for the sedation and you will be fine. You’ll be awake throughout and if you feel any discomfort they will increase the dosage for you. Also remember that it can be used to diagnose a wide variety of bowel issues and only a small percentage end up being cancer. 
    Hope all goes well for you.

  • Hi  Youve had some great replies so hope that’s helped ease your worries? Just to add there were only 2 people in the room during my last colonoscopy - the person actually doing it and a nurse who stays by your side and will hold your hand if necessary. I was given a pair of paper knickers to wear which had an opening at the back so they’re very aware of giving you as much dignity as possible.

    I would take the offer of sedation. You can have gas and air or one through a cannula in the back of your hand. The cannula one means you’re still awake but very relaxed however you can’t drive yourself home after and need someone with you for the next 24 hours.

    Afterwards they will take you to a quiet room for some tea and biscuits and to come round a bit. Someone will meet with you before you leave to tell you what they have seen

    Take care and please let us know how you get on

    Karen x

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  • Have the helps and remember it's your body  if you're uncomfortable let them know.Good luck 

  • Hi lovely people , so I had my colonoscopy today.. results are as follows I have ulcerative colitis and had 4 biopsies taken. No sign of cancer. After me reading so much and convinced myself it was, with such a high fit test and high cal protection it actually wasnt, thank the good lord. What I can say is I didn’t find the colonoscopy very pleasant I had the sedation and it didn’t work due to me being so worked up and frightened. I do think relaxation and calmness is key. Thankyou to everyone that relied to me, these forums kept me sane, and picked me up in a dark time. I hope everyone gets the postive outcome.. 

    take care 

  • I'm glad you haven't been diagnosed with cancer. I too found the sedation insufficient and the whole experience grim. I didn't find the staff at all.compassionate or caring .

    Take care 

  • Hi 

    I've had a few of these's the prospect of an invasive procedure that is the main reason for dread but had the sedation and found the whole thing pretty straightforward.... painless....biggest problem was the prepping of bowels for procedure with MoviPrep....not nice but again painless.


  • Quite agree. However, since having a loop ileostomy + a colostomy the bowel prep isn't necessary and the procedure is carried out via the colostomy (the rectum is now a blind alley! I still have the sedation though, after declining it the first time, just to negotiate the bends. Never something to look forward to but the information seen and recorded is instantaneous and invaluable.