Sensitive teeth

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I have just moved from oxcap to folfirinox to treat my bowel cancer and since starting my teeth have become extremely sensitive to cold. Any suggestions on a good toothpaste to combat this (or indeed any other remedy)?

  • Hello Lionbob63

    i am sorry to hear about the new sensitivity you’re experiencing. I suffer from extremely sensitive teeth that’s had me running in agony to my dentist convinced I needed a root canal. She prescribed use of Colgate sensitive instant relief toothpaste. Get a blob on a clean finger and rub it into each tooth that is sensitive. Leave for a minute or two and spit out the excess. But don’t rinse worth water or mouth wash. It took two weeks of this before the pain disappeared. But it has! I hope that helps. And of course, do always check any new products with your medical team first. 

  • Thanks for this. Have just ordered some Colgate duraphat 5000 which sounds like the right stuff so will try your suggestion with that.

  • Great! That paste works too but can be a bit slower to work. Maybe also get the Colgate Instant Relief sensitive toothpaste as it is pretty much instant with about two weeks for the issue to actually stop flaring up. I hope your symptoms ease off very soon. Sensitive teeth can be a bit miserable. 

  • Thanks I’ll give that a try as well