Peripheral neuropathy

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Hello.  Just after some advice and wanting to know if others have the same issues.  Bit of background: I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel cancer in July 2023.  Successful surgery at the end of August and the then 6 cycles of chemo starting in November and ending in January 2024.  Thankfully, my reactions were not severe.  Main thing was peripheral neuropathy.  My last two chemo sessions had to be at reduced dosage because of the pain.

Since the end of chemo, I have thankfully recovered quickly.  My only remaining side effect is peripheral neuropathy.  Whereas during chemo it was cold induced and very painful, now if my hands get a little cold or a little warm I start getting tingling in my fingertips and also in my toes.  It spreads to my palms and the bottoms of my feet if I am very warm or if the heating is on and the house is very warm.  Right now it is 20 degrees outside and my fingertips and toes are tingly.  Its not painful – just irritating. I've also noticed that my big toes are permanently 'red' as if I've stubbed them.

Has anyone else had this after chemo?  I do know that neuropathy takes months to go away (if at all), however, just want to know if there is anyone else in the same boat and if you have any advice regarding what I can do to relieve it.

Thank you.