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I had surgery for colorectal/anal cancer on the 11th April. A week before surgery I filled up plant pots for the tomatoes that I sowed in March. I potted them on to their final position, placed them in the greenhouse. So glad I did it early because there’d be no chance after coming back from hospital six days later. A week later I was rushed to hospital because the wound where the drip was had become infected which soaked my trousers and made a bloody puddle on the floor. After another eight days in hospital I’m back and am gradually recovering. As for the tomatoes, some of them are over three feet tall and are flowering which is a new record for me being so early.

  • Well done you . I love this story . Despite all you went through they were busy doing their thing .

    Can’t wait to see the photos of the crop .

    I have just put mine in the green house . 

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