Recent colorectal/anal cancer

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I had TAMIS early this year. An eleven centimetre tubulovillous adenoma was removed and sent of to a lab. I was called to see the consultant and it turned out to be an adenoma carcinoma. I was hoping that was an end to it but it wasn’t to be. Three weeks ago I had colorectal surgery which removed the anus, rectum and part of the lower bowels resulting in a permanent stoma. There have been two complications. The first was urine retention and secondly last Thursday I was rushed to causality because the site in my bottom where the drip was was leaking fluid that smelt like sour milk so much that there was a puddle on the floor and my right trouser leg was soaked. After a longer stay in hospital than the actual surgery I’m back home unable to sit with a catheter that has been in for three weeks and a bottom that still leaks be it only a few drops now. My concern now is the cancer has splead to the prostrate and or bladder and I’m not going to have any more major surgery because I’ve had enough. Starting to think I should have not had the second lot of surgery and would be comfortable until the cancer became to advanced which coukd be several years. Four weeks ago I was bench pressing 40kg dumbbells in the gym but am so weak and my muscles are atrophying.

  • Hi  and I’m sorry to read that you’re having such a tough time of it. If you click on my user name then you’ll see that I had a few issues after my op and I can remember how frustrating and demoralising it was. 
    I had an infected build up of fluid around my bowel rejoin and had to have a drain inserted in my right buttock. It was extremely painful to sit or try to sleep on and was such a relief once eventually removed. My mantra became ‘this too shall pass’ and eventually it did.

    Yes the muscles will start to atrophise a bit and even going out for a walk will be difficult with a catheter. Do you feel up to or able to do anything at home even if it’s only small arm weights or squats for example. I know it will be nothing like you’re used to but might help a bit mentally. 

    Please give the support desk a ring for a chat if you’re struggling or raise your concerns with your colorectal nurse. Is there anyone who can clarify your concerns about your prostate and bladder? 

    Hope you can get the catheter removed and things start to settle down a bit soon

    Take care

    Karen x

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm
  • Before all this a month ago I was bench pressing 40kg dumbbells and doing Bulgarian squats and leg presses. Now I’ve lost most of my strength but have to wait for the specialist to give me the go ahead to go back to the gym that is if I feel up to it. The place where the drip was is still leaking but not to the extent of my last hospital stay. I am going exercises on the bed and using latex bands to do exercises to try and wake my muscles up. I have managed to do some weeding in the garden which was looking a mess. I see the specialist this coming Monday. He has consulted with a urologist and I will find out if it will be taken out and if cystoscope is the next step then I might have to brace myself for more bad news.

     is the next step.