Stage 4 bowel cancer….update…positive post.

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Good afternoon all….just thought I would post with latest scan results for my husband.   You can read his full story in my profile…..I know that I looked  for positive outcomes hence why I post.

This morning we saw the consultant to get my husbands latest scan results and happy to share they were all good, NED and consultant was beaming…must be good for them too I’m sure.

so bloods in 3 months scan in 6 months along with colonoscopy with his surgeon.    Oncologist said today with each day that passes with no cancer increases chances of remaining NED.  It is over 3 years since last chemo and 2 3 plus years since last chemo and almost 3 since cytoreductive surgery and stoma reversal…..not bad considering all the huge downs he had on the journey.    So anyone looking for Hope when things look tough, please don’t give up, things can change, and I sincerely hope they do for all on treatment or on a treatment break….my husband was diagnosed in March 2019 so five years now.  My love and best wishes to you all. Either the patient or the carer.

  • Thank you so much for posting such a positive post. It gives us hope. I am very pleased for you and your husband.  All the best  .

  • Thankyou process for the positive post. Its what we all need. My dad is stage 4 with spread to liver and every bit of positivity is needed right now. 
    So glad your husband is NED x

  • thank you for sharing this positive news, I'm so pleased for you, like you say we are all looking for the positive in this awful journey.

    Nancy x

  • Delighted to read this . So happy for you both .

    Keep shining this light on stage 4 diagnosis. It gives so much hope .


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  • Thank you for sharing such a positive post, I really needed to read this today. Stories like this keep the hope alive Heart

  • Fabulous to hear positive stage 4 stories. My husband is just at the start of his journey having been told a few days ago he has stage 4 bowel cancer which has spread all through his liver so is inoperable. He is having a stoma operation on Tuesday and chemo from the end of June. 
    I read your profile and can see you have been on a journey but what an amazing place you and your husband have reached now. Long may that continue for you. 
    Can I ask, did your husband ever develop tumours in his liver as well as the abdominal cavity?

  • Good morning may I wish your husband and yourself all my best wishes as you start this journey. May I suggest you take one day at a time believe me it’s enough!  As to your question my husband had spread to the edge of the liver and a liver surgeon was also present and engaged in his last major op..  remember to look after you too and post and connect when you feel it’s right I know I needed that support but also sometimes I also needed to just a reader. 

  • Hi  

    My mum had a spread to her liver . One tumour alone was around five cm . Chemo was very effective for her and she did get a resection but an immediate recurrence. More chemo than in 2010 she had 73% of her liver removed . It’s remain clear since the larger procedure. She had disease in segements 4 to 8 with one tumour abutting a blood vessel . The chemo shrank that back  to allow for a resection margin .

    Some people do use chemo for years as a maintenance treatment to keep on to of the disease if surgery is not a possibility. My mum has continued to be in and out of treatment since 2016 for a lung spread and still has some disease all these years later but is still out most days with assistance .

    Radio frequency ablation is a possibility for some people depending on the spread . You will see there are criteria for all protocols and it’s a case of seeing which treatment plan is possible and where the best response is . Bowel cancer with a spread to the liver is a bit more favourable than some other primaries as it has a lot of different treatment options .

    It is not without some hope and I wish him a speedy recovery from surgery and significant shrinkage of his liver mets .

    Please do take care of yourself . I myself have had some highs and lows just watching this process so everyone’s well being needs some attention . Time away for a coffee etc .

    Take care ,


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  •    Thank you so much for your replies. My husband is, on the outside anyway, taking it one day at a time. I find that harder and want to understand and know as much as possible in relation to what might be next. I don’t look too far ahead though! It is terrifying at the moment with awful statistics at the 5 year stage. With three teenagers we need to keep on moving forward and staying positive though. 

  • Thanks for sharing. I am so happy for you and  your husband! Great work, keep going and never ever give up HOPE!!!  And yes, it is hope even with stage 4. I am myself a stage 4 bowl cancer with metastatic to the liver woman 53 years old. I was diagnosed in March 2023. One year and 2 months later (plus many hard rounds with chemotherapy and radiotherapy) I have had a successful colorectal surgery( 4 weeks today) and are booked in for a liver surgery in 3-6 weeks( date not decided yet).  
    So it is hope! Big hopes as I was told when I got my diagnosis that they would give me chemotherapy for prolonging my life! I know I have been lucky responding so well on chemo. I  also believe having hope, finding beauty in life, laugh, be grateful, spend time with people that matters, be in nature, eat well, be active and never ever give up hope makes the whole difference! 
    take care and keep fighting! We can do this together!!!