Unexpected portcath pain after inserted 2 months ago

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Hello all, I've recently been having pain at the incision of the portcath and I have my next round on Monday. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this. Thanks. P.S. my platelet count was too low to do chemo last Monday, don't know if it's related. 

  • Hi  

    I didn't have a portcath when I had chemo for a different type of cancer but I noticed that your post hadn't had any replies yet. Responding to you will 'bump' it back to the top of the discussion list again and I'm sure some forum members will be along soon to share their experiences with you.

    If you still have the pain when you go for your treatment on Monday, do mention it to the chemo team.


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  • Hi Gab

    My portocath was a godsend in some respects but rather troublesome in terns of pain.

    The team should flush your port prior to putting chemo in, so that will test if there is blockage or clot. Also they should check for any signs of local infection.

    I struggled with inflammation and nerve responses. Medication is an option for this, if you want it 

    One natural thing i found very beneficial was to ask for all IVs to be at a slower rate as my port had unfortunately been fed into some very narrow veins that could not take the pressure at higher IV speeds.

  • Hi, they do flush each time, the weird thing is that I've had an extra week skipping the last cycle & that's when the irritation started. I go in tmrw so I'll all about the slower infusion... thanks again!

  • Hi Gab. How did it go today?

  • Hello... no infection, they said for a bit of redness and pain is normal, it's a trauma. I did the cycle but feeling a little tired this time, accumulated side effects, that's it... thanks for asking ;)