May 2024 Catch up thread !

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Welcome to May !

We certainly have warmer weather for a change that helps a little with some chemo treatments, especially Oxi infusions. 

Long may it continue .

Lots of work getting done in the garden under supervision of course ! Mum still likes her say .

Hops the warmer weather helps in the coming weeks and people get to go outside a bit more .

Let us know how you are all doing .

take care ,


  • Happy May Day. Such a colourful month. Here’s another treasure. 

    Every blessing
  • Really not sure here April went! Saw the first hare of the year this morning, magical!

  • Yes, the warm weather has been lovely. We had a week away in Welburn, N Yorkshire  ear where my son lives. He has finished his radiotherapy and seems to be coping well with the side effects, tho having some rough days.A six week wait, and the MRI to check for shrinkage, then surgery to be scheduled. He was back at work, and  fortunately  able to work from home.

    We stayed in the same cottage we were in at Christmas. A really comfortable well designed place. The best we have ever stayed in. We had some nice walks, drove to the moors and visited the steam railway stations. We also went to,Bempton Cliffs RSPB reserve, where we saw lots o f birds, but alas no puffins. We took part in a pub quiz, which I have never done before. It is a regular in the village. Our team came second, largely due to my son and grandson. I managed to get one question right!

    We are going back next year when my eldest granddaughter gets married.

    Take care everyone

    Onwards and flatwards (don't do hills) and keep walking if you can!

  • Looking forward to seeing many more .  . Love this time of year where we get to share more colour along the way .

    Hope you are keeping well .

    We are busy detoxing mum . The painkillers are causing other issues plus in the chaos of all the caring we realised she is no longer as sore . So here we go !

    Only a small amount to go but she had developed sleep apnea. Even when she was standing . It was the oddest thing and is improving as the meds go down .

    Plus her personality is popping back out . The grandchildren and finding it all very amusing . 
    Another day another bit of progress . Starting to wonder if I am going to get an honorary Doctorate at the on the job learning we have gone through .

    Its dry here and a birthday to celebrate .

    Off we go .


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    We need to do something special to matk

    each month . They are gathering pace . Smiley
    We need to slow things down a bit .


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  • This is just wonderful   

    So pleased you got to spend this time with your son and family .

    Your son has done amazingly well . I sincerely hope there is significant shrinkage and great outcomes for him . 

    My son added some apps to my phone to challenge by brain . The other one started me on small weights . Mmmm . Think they have a plan for my future . 
    I do love a challenge . It’s amazing the knowledge that we have stored away that sometimes makes it to the surface .

    Would you do another one ? Smiley

    We will need to get   to challenge us with her games .

    Take care. 


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  • Sums me up at the moment, I feel.....

      Charlie, of course!

  • Just found this.....xx 

  • Brilliant  

    • We have sunshine and some colour . Mum busy packing her charity jewellery.

    It’s all go but we also have a very wide brimmed hat. Learnt the hard way that even in early Scottish sunshine Cetuximab still reacts in the sunlight .

    Completely burnt ! Quick trip to the hairdressers .

    Carers were saying mum still trying really hard to do the bits she can . Go mum !

    Take care everyone . Have a good day and stay safe .


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  • Lovely photos,  , and definitely go mum!!!