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My husband’s treatment for Stage 4 Metastatic Bowel Cancer has been stopped as it’s no longer working and he’s been given 6 months . A referral to the Palliative Care Team has been made today and I wanted to know how long it takes before they come on board ?

  • Hi DottyLou1, I am so sorry to hear about your husband, I have stage 4 cancer and have a palliative care team. You should hear from the team in about 2 weeks, someone will contact you to arrange a visit to come out and create a personalised care plan, which will cover all your husbands needs, from other specialist nurses, medical equipment and occupational therapists, though i don't see mine often, "my choice", It's comforting to know they are only a phone call away. best wishes to you both.


  • Hi  

    Just want to wish both you and your husband well and hope the team is helpful .

    My mum came off treatment four months ago . So far so good . Not requested any team involvement but have just started carers which is very helpful with her energy levels .

    It’s in my mum’s lungs but no symptoms yet .

    She has support from her Gp just now . Maybe something I will have a think about . Thanks for raising this .


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