Hair Dye ?

Hi I’m due for a pre assessment on the 6th July and a colonoscopy on the 11th asleep, to have a good look in my bowel also to get a bigger biopsy. I think I’ll find out the stage, I know the size from the first test size 25mm. Then chemo and radiation will start in about 6 weeks. Depending on results from 11th July. They don’t think I’ll need surgery. I’m just wondering, I normally dye my own hair at home. Does anyone know if I can dye my hair up to when the chemo starts or is it best not to now? All my grey hair is coming through. I know I might lose my hair when chemo starts. Not sure what’s best. Thank you 

  • Hi . I think you should be ok dyeing it before you start chemo. If you’re having capecitabine for the chemo alongside your radiation then not many people have complete hair loss with that one. Chemo affects your body from the tips of your toes to the hairs on your head and that’s why they recommend that you don’t dye your hair during chemo as it’s already getting a battering as it is. If it’s just the odd grey or along your parting then there are temporary dab on hair colours that you can buy on the high street that you just apply to small areas with a sponge applicator which are quite good x

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  • Hi thank you for the reply. There’s quiet a few showing i normally used a permanent dye I might try a wash out one never used them so I’ll read up first x

  • You should be ok using dye before you start thè chemo.I had capox and was advised to use very mild shampoo and not dye it during chemo.


  • Ok thank you. I’ll look for a sensitive shampoo I use one for dyed hair at the moment x  

  • I had my hair coloured throughout my treament ... oxalyplatin and capecitabine.  Had the semi permanent dye (at the hairdressers) which seemed OK for me (I did check with the oncologist first).  Also found some amazing shampoo & conditioner from a wesbite called Beauty for Cancer (sorry if we're not supposed to put company names in here) ... it isn't cheap but from the very first time I used it I noticed such a difference in the condition of my hair.  Had my hair cut throughout treatment to keep it in as good condition as I could.  

  • Always worth being careful as not everyone is that lucky.I lost all my hair on capox.despite using a mild shampoo.always take advise from your oncology team.

    Everyone reacts differently


  • Thank you I’ll check on my next appointment not sure what my treatment is going to be u too then.