I have suffered with anxiety for a while, it became worse due to covid, last year I lost my dad, I hadn't seen him for just over a year due to him being in a care home although we did speak daily.

In May this year I was diagnosed with bowel cancer, surgery planned for this coming week but had to be rescheduled as i ended up on antibiotics last week, my anxiety and emotional state is getting out of control, i did self refer last year for a course of CBT, this is no longer helping. 

Last week we also had a veterinary emergency then on Friday I received a jury summons, obviously I won't be able to attend, I'm sorting that out at the minute, I am really struggling at the minute, think I just needed to get it all of my chest.

  • You have a lot on your plate, , just you carry on venting here, we all 'get' you. Sending big ((hugs))

  • Sending hugs and positive vibes Flora. I hope your anxiety subsides. I know how soul destroying it can be when emotions overwhelm you. X.

    "don't think about tomorrow"

  • Hi . Feel free to get it off your chest - that’s what we’re here for. Try to break things into manageable tasks and do 1 a day if necessary. Make a list of what you need to do before your op - if you want to pack your bag now so it’s one less thing to worry about then do. 
    Please think about giving the support team a ring on the number below - they will listen and help you and can advise about more counselling which may help?

    Take care

    Karen x

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm
  • Hi Everyone!

    Looks like I've come on here at the right time speaking about Anxiety. Hubby goes to see the oncologist this coming Thursday re his recurrant bowel cancer. It's only Monday and already I'm sitting here with my stomach in knots. Believe me I do try to get up and do something to take my mind off it but finding it harder to focus on everyday things as the day draws nearer and I'm worried it gets to the extent that I can't go to his appointment to support him. He is the one as I always say is holding it altogether but I know his head will be all over the place and I'm just constantly on `auto pilot` . I just fear they're going to tell him the worst. But then I think back and his colorectol surgeon says that the cancer that has come back is `slow growing` so I keep this in my mind. I'm imagining I'll be in a heap by the time Thursday comes. 

    Vicky x

  • Hi Flora, I can fully understand how you feel the diagnosis has led me down the anxiety path. It’s horrible, take care and sending hugs xx