CT Scan - 3 Weeks after

My regular 6 mth CT Scan was 3 weeks ago - & I am still waiting for the results! At first it was trepidation, then scanxiety for the last two weeks, & many sleepless nights. I rang my colorectal team yesterday & left a message. I expected a reply today - but didn't get one.

I am now feeling angry. Three weeks is too long for anyone to wait after undergoing cancer treatment imo.

CT Scans can actually be read & determined within 24 hours.

I now face another weekend of uncertainty & worry.

  • It’s rotten . I really think there needs to be some way of making this run a bit smoother . It’s a painful process and for cancer patients who are having to go through this process several times .

    Thinking of you this weekend and here if you need to chat .


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  • I really feel for you …….That is just soooo bad.  It is totally unacceptable. They really have no comprehension of the repeated anxiety 

    Hopefully the news will be good hence the wait …..but if it was bad you would hope maybe they would act faster ? You’d hope so if further Tx was needed otherwise things progress. 

    as you rightly say the results should be available within 24-48hrs not hard to press a button and ping an email. 
    my scan will be due in the next 6-8 weeks. Looking forward to it but then again NOT. 
    fingers crossed for you results are great and pls try to enjoy your weekend. 

  • Thank you so much & for your kind thoughts. I have just received a letter - telling me my scan was all clear! Very very pleased - as you can imagine!

    Good luck with your forthcoming scan Parky! x

  • Hi Marianne, I just don’t think it is acceptable to wait for so long. I hope you don’t have to wait much longer. Sending hugs xx

  • Just read your scans are all clear. Fantastic xx

  • At out local hospital, if you call PALS (patient advice and liaison service) and tell them, they'll speed up getting the result.  The waiting is just awful.  Hang in there! 

  • Great news . So pleased it was a relief .

    Take care ,


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