Scan time again

Hello, my last scan after treatment were clear. I’m due for my next ct, chest, abdomen and pelvic on Monday. I’m having  a melt down because over the last two years I haven’t gone from one set of clear scan to another. I’m hoping because I had surgery this time that I can stay clear. With the last scans after surgery I also had to have mri on liver because I’d had an ablation on a solitary met.This time nothing has come in for an mri. I’m under nurse surveillance now, Is this the norm? I have so far this year been in hospital twice, once for acidosis in my blood, second for and abscess. I’m still having district nurse in to dress it but I’m hoping that will finish next week. It’s taken 3 months. I really want to get on with my life as we all do but still finding it hard.

  • Hi . Well I think now is a good time to break the mould and have 2 clear scans on the trot! It’s normal to just be under the nurses now and they’ll deal with any problems and liaise with the consultants. I think you only have an MRI if there’s something that they’re not sure about on the CT - my follow up scans have all been CT. 

    Really hope the abscess is starting to clear up now and you can try and enjoy the rest of the summer

    Take care

    Karen x

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  • Hi Karen thank you for replying, sorry for being a bit down. I just want to get Monday over. Do you stay in nurse surveillance if you don’t need anymore treatment? Xx

  • Hi . Please don’t apologise for being a bit down - we all have days like that both during and after treatment and you know we’re always here for you. I think I was under the nurses after I finished treatment and they sent out my CEA blood test forms and gave me the results but can’t remember if I had an annual meeting with a member of the surgical team? I know I had a telephone chat following my scan in 2020 with someone from the surgical team and then had a face to face in 2021 when I moved health authorities and then after my last scan the nurses rang me with the result x

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm
  • , fingers crossed for a second clear scan, the chances are good I feel, as the intruder is now in the bin!! Take care

  • Hi Karen thank you so much for your reply I really do appreciate it.. sending hugs xx

  • Hi Gemmary, like I text Karen I really appreciate your reply.. I did speak to the consultant about the perineal and he said don’t worry about it. My GP looked at the scans and said it had all been resected. I just get back to being me. I really hope if this scan is clear I can move on. Sending hugs xx

  • Wishing you a very unremarkable scan . I know this is tough for you are you have had a few bumps along the way just like mum and makes you wonder when it’s all going to turn around but it can and I hope this is the start .


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  • Hi Court, thank you for reply I really appreciate it. Hope your mum’s birthday celebrations were wonderful. you all deserved a wonderful time. Sending hugs xx sorry a bit late sending back I don’t think I pressed reply. 

  • Hi Court I did send a reply but I can’t see it. Thank you so much for your reply very much appreciated. Well I’ve had my scan this morning. I just keep praying. Hope your mum had a fantastic birthday celebrations. You all deserve a wonderful time. Sending hugs xx